GK Disinfection Services


Description of Services:

With this germicidal disinfectant service, one of our Technicians will sanitize your facility using an electrostatic sprayer, which distributes a safe disinfectant across the surfaces that are being treated. The sprayer places a positive charge on the disinfectant, which enables it to adhere more effectively to your surfaces and remain there longer


Benefits of using Greenkleen Disinfecting Services:

- GK Experience (Customer Satisfaction, Reliability, Reviews, Cleaning for today’s Health, 16 years’ experience.)
- 65% Less Chemical
- 70% Faster Application
- Biodegradable

- Cost Effective


Why choose Greenkleen Disinfecting Service?


In today’s environment, allowing the spread of a deadly virus like COVID-19 and other communicable and infectious diseases, can cause irreparable harm to others, as well as your business and your brand.

Greenkleen Disinfecting Services helps stop the spread of disease by using state-of-the-art technology, and a powerful disinfectant that is EPA registered to kill COVID-19, and eliminate some of the world’s most dangerous disease-causing pathogens.




 Cleaning, that is accomplished solely with soap or detergent and water, refers to the physical removal of dirt and grime. In the process, some portion of the germs on a given surface might also be removed. But most of the time cleaning tools, including sponges and cloths, simply move germs from one surface to another.



 Sanitizing is a chemical process that reduces and even kills germs on surfaces to make them safe for contact. Usually, you sanitize in kitchens and other areas that come into contact with food. For example, you sanitize dishes and utensils after using them. You also sanitize toys that children put in their mouths.

 So sanitizers are agents that destroy 99.999 percent of bacteria in 30 seconds during the Official Detergent Sanitizer Test (a public health test).  



 Disinfecting refers to killing a high percentage of the germs on a surface.  So disinfectants are products that destroy all organisms in 10 minutes during the AOAC Use Dilution Test, a test regulated by the EPA to determine the efficiency of disinfectants.

We, therefore, take a much further step in effectively using only EPA registered disinfectants to remove germs on all surfaces and areas that come in contact with germs.


Simple cleaning is not sufficient to effectively protect your employees and customers from viruses.

Although sanitizing goes a step further than cleaning, still more is needed to effectively fight the spread of germs

Only disinfecting your home or office with EPA registered disinfectants and applying them accurately and thoroughly will give you the safety you need.





Traditional Disinfecting Methods