Dear Customers,
As these unprecedented times go on and while we all continue to cope and maintain our lives moving forward with a new sense of renewal and yet maintaining every precaution. We, at Greenkleen are thinking of you and we want to let you know We are here for you and we are ready to serve you following the new appropriate protocols dictated by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Research indicates
- “In new normal and always, your health & safety is our utmost priority”.
Alberto Solis, Owner & Operator
I have kept fully updated and involved on all the official local, state and national significance of COVID-19. The Florida Department of Health recent data shows cases are steady and specifically in Collier County, we can now assume this trend will continue to improve.
Public Health officials have stressed the benefits of having a clean home and doing it the right way.
“We need to be cleaning our houses on a regular basis from the bacteria that we bring in from the grocery store, the post office, the pharmacy and many other places”.
New York Times A Dilemma for Some: Should You Still Hire a Cleaner? Doctor states “Happy to have a clean home”. For complete article click here. 
Now more than ever, we are essential to you and your home and we understand your priorities. Our goal is to be able to do our part and have your home clean to limit the harm’s coming from outside that may threaten your & your family’s well-being. Most important and for your piece of mind, all our products are environmentally friendly.  Other companies utilize chemicals which can have contrasting effect on humans. We only use sustainable, earth-friendly cleaning products that protect our bodies from the dangerous chemicals.
Greenkleen is here for you as we adapt into the “New Normal”.
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Stay safe,
Alberto Solis
Greenkleen Owner and Operator.
Florida Department of Health. Click here to review.
New York Times A Dilemma for Some: Should You Still Hire a Cleaner? doctor states “Happy to have a clean home”. For complete article click here.